High-quality Resources for Students of Neural Therapy

Townsend Letter Article: “Neural Therapy: Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Pain” written by Jeff Harris, ND and Perry Perretz, DO

Speransky AD. A hasis for the theory of medicine. 2nd English ed. Dutt CP, translator. New York (NY): International Publishers, 1943. reprint available from
A difficult to read, but rewarding book for those wishing to explore the foundational neurophysiology of neural therapy. classic of the medical literature!.

Dosch P, Dosch M. Manual of neural therapy according to Huneke. 2nd English ed. (translation of 14th German ed.). Gutberlet R, translator. Stuttgart (Germany) and New York (NY): Thieme; 1995.
A classic neural therapy textbook written by a student of the Huneke brothers.

Dosch M. Illustrated atlas of the techniques of neural therapy with local anesthetics, first English edition, Heidelberg, Karl F Haug Publishers, 1985.
Especially useful for advanced injections

Pischinger A. The Extracellular Matrix and Ground Regulation: Basis for a Holistic Biological Medicine. Edited by Hartmut Heine, ISBN-13:978-1-55643-688-8 North Atlantic Books, P.O.Box 12367, Berkeley, CA, 94712 USA.
Essential reading on the “terrain” supporting autonomic nervous system function.

Kidd RF. Neural therapy: Applied neurophysiology and other topics – 175 Argyle St. S., Renfrew, ON, K7V 1T6. Self-published 2005
A simple how-to-do-it textbook with chapters on limitation of neural therapy’s effectiveness

Kidd RF.
A free monthly newsletter on neural therapy topics with 12 years of archives.

Koval PR. Neural therapy and self-organization. Buenos Aires ISBN 978-987-26578-1-9 2013
A modern understanding of neural therapy in the context of non-linear chaotic systems

Barop H. Textbook and atlas of neural therapy. Stuttgart, Germany, Thieme, 2018
The most up-to-date and complete textbook on classical neural therapy.

Jänig W. The integrative action of the autonomic nervous system – Neurobiology of homeostasis: Cambridge University Press, 2006.
The neurophysiology textbook on the autonomic nervous system.

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