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Primary Specialties

Osteopathic Manual Medicine, including Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
Regenerative Injection Therapies
Neural Therapy
Perineural Injection Therapies
Vibrational Radiesthesia




J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, MD 1994

H. Heine University Dusseldorf, Germany, PhD 1996

UCLA General Surgery Internship 1999

USC Family Medicine 2002

Proficiency in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field by The Osteopathic Cranial Academy in 2010

Certification in Prolotherapy/Regenerative Injection Therapy by the American Academy/Association of Orthopedic Medicine in 2013

Contact Info:
928 605 3280

2880 Southwest Dr

Sedona, Arizona 86336 United States
NAANT Expiration Date:
October 19, 2024 5:11 pm
  Biographical Info

Tudor Marinescu, M.D. Ph.D., is a Holistic Family Physician with extensive credentials in cranial and biodynamic osteopathy, regenerative injection therapies as well as vibrational sound healing and  herbal treatments.   

Dr. Marinescu is best known for empowering his patients to assume responsibility of their own wellness through educating and assisting them to achieve and maintain an overall vibrant state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Born in Transylvania, Romania, he entered medical school in Bucharest and after the fall of communism was given the opportunity to complete his studies at the J.W. Goethe University School of Medicine in Frankfurt, Germany. After receiving a Ph.D. in Medicine from the H. Heine University in Germany, he came to the U.S in 1996 for advanced training.  He completed a one-year surgical internship at UCLA and a three-year Family Medicine residency at USC.  He holds a certificate of Proficiency in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field by the Osteopathic Cranial Academy, is part of the teaching staff of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy and served on the Board of Directors of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy as an M.D. advisor. He also  is a certified prolotherapy and regenerative injection therapy provider by the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine.

As part of his journey, he studied with indigenous healers from different traditions, learning and understanding that all imbalances originate in the energetic, invisible (mental, emotional and spiritual) realm. He believes that treatment needs to be aimed at dissolving these energetic imbalances, while the physical and vital bodies are assisted and supported along the journey.

He emphasizes the importance for patients to return to simple and natural ways of life and living in balance with all Creation.

Exposure to these indigenous traditions helped Dr. Marinescu discover the meaning of the physician-priest (physician-healer) archetype, which he embodies in his work.

His extensive post-doctoral training has been focusing on creating a multidisciplinary, integral healing system reflected today in his philosophy and practice of medicine.  Dr. Marinescu’s experience puts him at the forefront of Integrative and Preventative Medicine.


Office of Tudor Marinescu

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