Primary Specialties

Anti Aging Regenerative and Functional Medicine
Integrative Cancer Therapy
Ozone Therapy
Advanced Prolozone Therapy
Neural Therapy


MD, Tarumanagara University, 1989
Other, Queen's University, 2004

Contact Info:
519 578-4230

121 Charles Street West, Suite 120

Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6 Canada
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November 1, 2024 11:59 pm
  Biographical Info

Dr. Astawan has  been  practicing  medicine  since  1989. She  is  both  Board  Certified  and a  Fellow  in  Anti Aging  Regenerative  and  Functional  Medicine,  Fellow  in  Integrative  Cancer  Therapy,  Fellow  in  Ozone therapy and advanced prolozone therapy. She  completed  her medical  education at Tarumanagara University,  Indonesia  in  1989. In  her  early year of  practice  Dr  Astawan  combine  the  allopathic  medicine  with  acupuncture,   nutrient  and  herbal medicines. She has seen that by  doing  the combo east meet west medicine the patient heal faster and keep healthier. She  completed  her  assessment  program as an International  Specialist  Physician  in  Family  Medicine  at Queen  University,  Kingston,  Ontario,  Canada in 2004. Dr.  Astawan  started  practicein  Canada  in  2004 after certified by The College of Family Physicians of Canada. After  practicing  as  a  family  physician,  she  realized  that  medicine  was  not  only  treating  symptoms  and illnesses.  She  believed  that  we  can restore our  health  to  an  optimal  level.  She  would  like  to  help  her patient not only free of pain or disease, most important is preventing the disease and also get their best quality of life. Her  passion  to  help patients heal  made  her  travel  the  world  to learn more and  do preceptorship  about  Neural Therapy,  Biopuncture,  Homeopathy,  Autonomic  Response  Testing, Energy  Medicine, Ozone  therapy, Prolozone Injection , Integrative Cancer Therapy from the world leader holistic Medical Doctors.

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