Primary Specialties

Adult and Children Health Restoration through optimization of hormones, metabolism, autonomic function, and neural function.

Secondary Specialties:

Allergy & Immunology


MD, UCLA, 1984


Fellowship, American College of Physicians

Contact Info:
True Health Partners
(714) 565-1032

720 N Tustin Ave, Ste 202

Santa Ana, CA 92705-3606 US
NAANT Expiration Date:
December 31, 2023 11:59 pm
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Dr. Kaslow’s professional expertise and interests include nutrition, detoxication, metabolism / biochemistry, immune enhancement, hormone optimization, balancing cellular redox, pain management, neurochemistry, and new techniques for allergies, autoimmunity, and intolerances. After completing the Biomedical Science Program at UCR, he earned his Medical Degree from the UCLA in 1984. After completing a 3-year internship and residency in Primary Care Medicine, Dr. Kaslow completed a 2 year Fellowship in Immunology and Allergy for Adults and Children at the University of California at Irvine in 1989. He has been in private practice providing direct patient care since. Our office offers a variety of innovative approaches including advanced diagnostics, thermography, heart rate variability testing, neural therapy, ozone, prolozone, stem cells, exosomes, photobiomodulation, Low Dose Immunotherapy, IV and oral nutrition, HOCATT, PEMF, etc.

Office of Jeremy E Kaslow

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