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6 Reaney Court

Ottawa, Ontario K2K 1W8 Canada
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December 31, 2023 11:59 pm
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I am a physician, with a specialty in Family Medicine with anaesthesia, practicing since 1977, 26 of those years as  a country doctor. I have studied a variety of different styles of medicine including orthopedic medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, bio-identical hormones, functional medicine, orthomolecular medicine, nutrigenomics and Epigenetics  and most recently Neural therapy. These all have tools that are useful to maintain health, treating illness and prevent illness.
In the early years I had to be creative, and the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" comes to mind. The first CAM treatment I used was probiotics in the late 70's, orthopedic medicine and diet and elimination diets by the early 80's.
In regards to public speaking and teaching, I have spoken at WONKA in 1995 in Hong Kong, presenting a paper with PhD candidate  Bonnie Chan called "empathy and healing" on patient centred communication. On the subject of Celiac disease and neuropathology, I have presented 15 or more workshops to lay persons, chiropractors, physicians and naturopaths in the Ottawa area and Quito Ecuador at an international Neural therapy conference. I have taught two segments of the integrative medicine component of the University of Ottawa medical school curriculum.
I have authored two chapters in the book "Safety First".
I am a member of Alpha Omega Alpha.
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