Kidney as an Interference Field

Dear Colleagues: This month’s topic is kidneys as interference fields.  Kidneys are hardy organs; they seem to tolerate the stresses of modern life quite well and are easily overlooked in the search for interference fields. Part of the reason is that they seldom express pain and do not usually declare serious trouble until renal failure is […]

Painful Big Toe

Dear Colleagues: Last month’s newsletter included three English-language articles on neural therapy.  I hope you found time to read them or at least place them on your desktop to be read later. This month I intend to get back to the usual format of something short and quick that can be easily applied to medical practice. The […]

Recommended Reading: New and Old

Dear Colleagues: David Vinyes, of Barcelona, Spain, is president of the Spanish Neural Therapy Society and a very busy man.  Not only is he in demand as a speaker internationally, but he also is active in neural therapy education in Spain, is an organizer of international neural therapy conferences and is editor of a Spanish […]