Volume: 7
Issue: 12
December 15, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

Last month’s newsletter was about interference fields in the body’s energy field. This was initiated by a report from Dr. Richard Nahas  (Volume 7, No. 11) of successful treatment of phantom limb pain by neural therapy of an interference field off the patient’s body. The treatment was of course not classical procaine injections but rather projection of a scalar energetic signal from a Tenscam device. The idea behind both diagnosis and treatment is that an interference field is not just a focus of electrophysiological instability, but also a focus of incoherence in the otherwise coherent energy field of the body.

I was hoping for comment from readers and they have obliged. Each of these letters adds something more to our knowledge of this subject so I have decided to devote this newsletter entirely to these responses:


Dear Dr. Kidd,

First of all let me thank you for these newsletters. They are always stimulating and open new perspectives on healing.

I was at a Scenar education seminar in Calgary about 6 weeks ago. One of the lecturers described a patient with phantom limb pain where again intuitively the therapist treated the painful “area” in the missing limb with immediate relief of pain. We live and learn!

Brian Bennett MD (Canada)

Comment: Presumably treated with a laser!


Hello Dr Kidd,

I do believe it was my neck with the external energetic interference field at the conference in Australia! 

I bought a Tenscam after your conference and throughout the year I feel as though the more I use it the more proficient I am becoming. I believe the reason for this is my ever-improving ability to detect/feel/sense and visualize interference fields.  I find that focusing my visual attention on both the physical structures and the energy fields (individually) is achieving much greater results than with the methods I used before.

I generally find interference fields coincide with incidents of physical trauma/impacts mainly present at an energetic level, as was the case external to my neck.  

I have a 70-year old female patient who has been seeing me for osteopathic treatment for just over a year now after having someone run into her, knocking her to the ground. She definitely experiences the benefits from treatment but we have never really come close to a resolution.  It has only been in the last 2 sessions that I have re-attempted using the Tenscam. Now that I have learned to detect interferences of an energetic nature, they were very obvious and her numerous ‘musculoskeletal’ complaints appear to have resolved, at least at this point in time.

Thank you and warm regards,


Comment: Osteopaths practicing at a high level have a leg up on the rest of us because of their utilization of visualization and other energetic methods of diagnosis.


The following letter is from a veterinarian, whose wife is an acupuncturist. Dr Beltran is a remarkable man (for many reasons) who treats his clients (animals) with neural therapy. He also has an interest in family system therapy and conducts workshops (of human beings!) along the lines of the Bert Hellinger model.

Dear Robert,

As you know my wife, Jordana practices acupuncture at a very high level of understanding, and on several occasions we have noted a most unusual response, about which (in the context of Dr Nahas most exciting report), I can now “come clean “. Jordana treats the human, and if it so happens that their pet, usually a dog has the same complaint i.e. chronic knee pain, one of them does not resolve until the other is successfully treated. Strange but it is acceptable within the context of Rupert Sheldrake Morphic Field study.

Thank you for providing us all with a format for sharing such wonderful observations.

Eddy Beltran DVM (Canada)

Comment: I can vouch for Dr. Beltran’s skills. A patient of mine brought her dog (who had cancer) to him for treatment. He did psychotherapy on the dog’s owner, who was mourning a personal loss, and the dog recovered!


Dear Robert

This is a great report and I hope you have had many responses to it. I have been convinced for years that the “energetic body” has great importance and that it has been largely unrecognized by MD’s and those doing “Energy Medicine”.  When using autonomic response testing, I test at 3 levels: surface, 30 cm and 70 cm away from the body.  It is not unusual for interference fields to be demonstrated at one and not another level.  This process takes time to do but often pays off when a more cursory evaluation is unrevealing.  I believe illness starts at the level of the energetic body and can become manifest in the physical body if allowed to continue untreated.

Richard’s excitement is refreshing.  It reminds me of how I felt when I first started considering these possibilities!

Rob Banner MD (Canada)

Comment: Dr. Banner’s techniques remind me of the Sintergetica methods demonstrated to me by Dr Chiriboga of Ecuador.

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