Neural Therapy and Lasercam

Volume: 6
Issue: 12
December 15, 2011
Neural Therapy and Lasercam

Dear Colleagues:

Last month I wrote a preliminary report on a woman whose severe psoriasis responded dramatically to one neural therapy treatment of a sphenopalatine ganglion.  She continues to do well.  However the neural therapy was not the classical (according to Huneke) injection of procaine.  Rather I chose to use a new technology, a device called a “Lasercam” – a variant of the Tenscam (about which I have written a number of times).  And I promised to explain.

The “new” feature of the Lasercam is a pulsed laser energy in the 470 nm range.  This frequency has been shown to destroy methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeroginosa in vitro: Blue 470-nm light kills methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in vitro.  The use of this form of laser technology is in its infancy and possibly other organisms respond to this frequency as well.

The reason I chose to use the blue light frequency rather than a classical procaine injection (or a regular Tenscam treatment) has to do with experience from another on-going case involving autoimmune disease.  This patient has rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that (as I mentioned before) is hard to affect with neural therapy.   Here is his story:

A 29 year old engineer presented a year ago with rheumatoid arthritis affecting his major joints including his right temperomandibular joint. This had begun gradually a year previously and was becoming increasingly severe and disabling.

It was noted that his symptoms had begun a month after a “flu shot”, and in fact an interference field was detected (using autonomic response testing) in his left lateral upper arm, corresponding to the injection site. The autonomic response reversed with the presence of homeopathic “silberamalgam”, an indication (in my experience) of a reaction to the thimerosal preservative present in many vaccines.

Six weeks later, the patient reported no change in symptoms, but on this visit an interference field was detected in tooth space 4.8 (32 in the American system).  This could be reversed by the presence of homeopathic thioether and mercaptanum (homeopathics that often relate to dental infections). 

Tenscam treatment through a vial of homeopathic thioether resulted in a few days of much reduced pain and swelling of the joints.  On further visits, similar responses were obtained after finding and treating interference fields in the same tooth space,the submandibular ganglion, the left lateral arm, the stomach and the anus. However response to treatment became less with time and the 4.8 tooth space interference field kept returning.

The patient was then sent to a biological dentist for surgical debridement of the tooth space.  Unfortunately this had no effect on the progress of his disease. After four months of neural therapy, dietary changes and nutritional support, no progress was being made and the patient was referred to a very experienced and skilled constitutional homeopath.Various remedies were tried over the following 3 months, but his condition continued to deteriorate. The patient finally agreed to the recommendations of his rheumatologist and began to take prednisone and methotrexate. 

The patient responded to medication with considerably less pain and improved mobility. Two months later the doses were stabilized and on re-examination, tooth space 4.8 again responded to autonomic response testing, with a reversal from a dental homeopathic. This time I decided to try the Lasercam, the rationale being that the 470 nm light frequency might destroy bacteria that might be triggering the rheumatoid process.  The response was dramatic; the patient felt immediate tingling and warmth over the jaw and cheek and then marked improvement in joint pain and mobility for five days.

Repeat treatments were increasingly effective.  After a few weeks, he was able to reduce his prednisone and was able to undertake strenuous physical exercise landscaping his new home. Three months later, he continues to reduce his medication and is maintaining a virtually pain-free state.

I am reporting these two cases of autoimmune diseases responding to treatment of interference fields by a specific laser frequency for two reasons: (1) the therapeutic potential of specific laser frequencies on interference fields, and (2) the theoretical implications of treating interference fields with energetic “information”, rather than simply with procaine (or a non-specific scalar energy). 

The goal of classical neural therapy (according to Huneke) is to erase the electrophysiological disturbance of an interference field.  The goal of a more specific energy-based neural therapy is to eliminate not only the interference field but the information that it contains.   We know that this is possible with emotionally laden interference fields (See chapter 11 of my book  We have seen further evidence of this by combining homeopathics with procaine in treating certain conditions, e.g. dental infections.  These two cases suggest that systemic disease processes emanating from the information found in interference fields have potential for successful treatment in this way.

Space does not allow more discussion of these theoretical implications – perhaps more in next month’s newsletter!

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